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Random side-projects, in various states of completion

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2011 »

  • abe: Abraham Lincoln? Isn't he the President who...
  • Netflix It Now: Bookmarklet and small webapp to tell me when movies became streamable
  • dasher: Company status dashboard, built with Node
  • lanyon: WYSIWYG editor for Jekyll powered blogs, hooked directly into the Github API
  • CloutBout: Fantasy sports for Twitter, built in under 36 hours for SDC Chicago 2011 Hackathon
  • WhooWho!: Lean CRM with recommendations, built at SEP Startup Weekend Summer 2011
  • bibliotechnical: Programming book recommendation site
  • LandingPad.rb: Landing page app, deployed on Heroku using Sinatra + MongoDB

2010 »

  • Glorified Screensaver: Real-time announcement board built with Node.js,, and three.js
  • StackTracker: Cross-platform desktop notifier for the StackExchange API
  • Duel of Tweets: Head-to-head polls conducted over Twitter, built in under 36 hours for SDC Chicago 2010 Hackathon
  • flask-embedly: Flask extension that adds Embedly support to templating
  • autocastr: Automatically download and partition podcasts into CD-R sized folders
  • Mongo Overflow: Small StackOverflow clone with a mongoDB backend
  • Bumps: OBD-II iPhone logging application and server, used for pothole detection research